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  Pierre is a French-American photographer whose self-reflection is expressed through his work, humanism always his emphasis. He is also an author, a painter, a sculptor and a publisher. He lives and works in USA.

Pierre grew up in Orbec, Normandy and in Paris, where his family had homes. His family moved between Paris and Orbec, as needed to accommodate Pierre's education, and his mother's career. From a young age his education was focused in the arts. His grandfather, Gabriel, and his uncle, Jean, where photographers and artists. Gabriel was a photographer in WWI. Pierre's father, Jacques, was a known textile expert and designer, and now a painter. His Mother, Françoise Fontaine, was a professional musician and opera singer. His art education began with his family, who taught him the traditional techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpting. He studied photography and received complete dark room training from his uncle. Very early, in pursuit of his artistic urges, he photographed and drew his family and his native countryside, Normandy. He knew and was influenced by his grandparents neighbor the famous French figurative painter Pierre Laffillé (French, 1938-2011) who remains a lifetime friend. At sixteen he attended one of the most famous art schools in Paris, the Atelier de la Grande-Chaumière and received a classic art education there. At the same time, he trained and worked as an assistant with the world acclaimed photographer Wilhem Willy Maywald (German, 1907-1985), who was living and working near the Atelier.

  By the end of 1968, encouraged by his uncle and grandfather, he left his hometowns of Orbec and Paris to pursue a career as a photographer. He has traveled since, photographing and reflecting on the world at large, beginning in Vietnam. Throughout his career Pierre has remained true to his original training, his work is primarily black and white, he still works with traditional film, and he maintains his own darkroom processing his own film and silver gelatins.

  From 1968 to 1995 Pierre worked as a war correspondent, for both Gamma and Sygma press agencies, and as a freelance photographer, around the world. His work focused mainly on Asia, Southeast Asia and North Africa. Examples include his time in Vietnam (front line stories), Cambodia with the Khmer Rouges (a collection of those photos are archived at Rutgers University), Burma (covering the problems of guerillas fighting the government, like the Karen). Problems of child abuse in South-east Asia, mainly prostitution, and detrimental laws causing children to be jailed with their fathers. Pierre paid special attention to the problems associated with drugs, specifically heroin, and access to a fair and trial in the courts for foreigners. Pierre worked for two years in Morocco (1978-79) for the King photographing the Crown Prince Sidi Mohamed (now King Mohamed VI) and documenting Morocco. King Hassan II has a large collection of his photographs. Pierre helped the King open a school of photography there. In India, he worked extensively on stories about leprosy, religion and ancient cities. He lived and worked with the Dalai Lama in (1983-4) and published two books with him. He photographed old French traditions going as far back as the Middle Ages (some of the stories are now part of museum collections, like the Musée des Traditions in Louviers, Normandy). Pierre also worked in the fashion industry for both Christian Lacroix and Christian Dior, as well as for the movie industry.

Pierre has published over forty books, exhibited his photographs, drawings, sculptures and paintings throughout Asia, Europe, America, and North Africa.

  From 1995 to 2003, he lived in France and Spain where he exhibited and worked on personal projects, primarily sculpture and photography. In 2002, he became the director and curator for the International Museum for Photography, located in the ancient Château de Belcastel for which he has been acclaimed in Europe. In 2004, he moved to New Mexico , then to Oregon, where he started a project documenting the USA.    





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